In a few years, the pandemic will be but a memory receding into the past as the future returns.

How can you remember it?

One way is with a keepsake. The Pandemic Liquor Run 2020 print is just such a keepsake.

In the Spring of 2020 I spent about fifteen hours painting this watercolor of the “liquor line” at the Cotswold ABC Store in Charlotte, N.C.

Seventeen customers and one dog patiently waited ready to take their turn to enter the store. At the direction of the employee gatekeeper, masked and socially-distanced, a few thirsty patrons were allowed to enter, hurriedly browse, and make their purchases from a staff protected by thick acrylic plastic partitions.

Remember the lines as you cued up, ordered in, Netflix’d, Zoomed, and wore masks to the places which were essential to your quarantined existence.

Pandemic Liquor Run 2020 is available now!  Frame it with your favorite mask or purchase as a holiday gift for friends and family. 

Additional prints are also available now on Chase’s site:


Chase Saunders Art

Chase SaundersChase Saunders is a Charlotte native and fifth-generation North Carolinian. He began painting the changing face of Charlotte and the two Carolinas in 1972 after law school. Painting and the arts have been a family tradition beginning with his great grandfather, grandmother, father, and his wife, a retired children’s art teacher. Digital technology now allows him to present his collection online in a gallery which features nearly five decades of work. Each painting in the collection is accompanied by a descriptive explanation of its significance. You are invited to tour the Carolinas as they once were …. with a few modern era pieces.